"The Who Am I/What Am I?" contest began on Monday, February 11th, 2013. LET'S GO TEAM!!!!!

I am posting the questions daily. 3rd Graders, if you would like to help the class, research the anwers, go for it... (to help win the contest). We are competing with the other third grades, so PLEASE do not write your answers on our wiki. Bring your answer and give it to me (Mrs. Zuhl). Thanks! This will be so much fun!


Name the African American inventor who has a nuclear powered submarine named after him? What the name of the submarine?

Who was the first African American women to become a lawyer? What university did she attend? What year did she become a lawyer?

No question due to the "Battle of The Books"
Name the cultural observant descendent that celebrated African American heritage. Name that person.

What is the oldest historical black university in the U.S.A.? When was it founded? Where is it located?

I am an African American, who was born and raise in Detroit. I am one of six people who recieved the Presidental Medal of Freedom in the year of 2008.

Who am I? Why did I receive this honor?

Who was the 1st African American who became the first CEO for a Fortune 500 Company?
Who am I?
Name the Company.
What year did I become CEO?

I was the 96th Justice of Supreme Court.
Who am I?
What years did I serve?